Mysterious Death of Jeff Timmer’s Son

Mysterious death of Jeff Timmers’ son

On May 5th, 2017, Jeff Timmer’s son mysteriously passed away. The coroner’s report ruled the death as a homicide, but the investigation remains open.

Jeff Timmer is a well-known businessman in the community. He owns a successful construction company and is highly respected by his employees and peers. His son, however, was not as successful. He was a drug addict and had been in and out of trouble with the law for years.

Despite his son’s problems, Jeff Timmer was always there for him. He paid for his son’s drug rehab several times and even helped him get a job at his construction company.

The day before his son’s death, Jeff Timmer had given him a large sum of money to help him get back on his feet. His son was found dead the next day, with the money still in his pocket.

The police have not named any suspects in the case, but they are still investigating.

Jeff Timmers’ son found dead under mysterious circumstances

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Jeff Timmer’s son, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances. We do not yet know the cause of death, but we will update this article as more information becomes available.

Jeff Timmer was a beloved father and husband, and his death has left the family reeling. We can only imagine the pain and suffering they are going through at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Authorities investigate possible foul play in death of Jeff Timmers’ son

On May 9th, 2021, the body of Jeff Timmer’s son was found in his home in San Diego, California. Authorities are now investigating the possibility of foul play in his death.

Jeff Timmer’s son, who was in his early 20s, was found dead in his bedroom by his father. The cause of death is currently unknown, but authorities are investigating whether or not foul play was involved.

Jeff Timmer is a well-known businessman in the San Diego area, and his son’s death has shocked the community. Authorities are currently conducting a full investigation into the matter, and they are asking anyone with any information to come forward.

This is a developing story, and we will update this article as more information becomes available.

mystery surrounding death of Jeff Timmers’ son deepens

On June 8, 2015, nine-year-old Jeff Timmer’s son went to bed happy and healthy.

The next day, he was dead.

The boy’s death was sudden and unexplained, and the mystery surrounding it has only deepened in the years since. Here are four key questions that remain unanswered:

1. What caused the boy’s death?

autopsy was inconclusive, and no clear cause of death has ever been determined.

2. Why was the boy’s body found in a remote, rural area?

The boy’s body was found several miles from his home, in a remote and rural area. There is no clear explanation for why he would have ended up there.

3. How did the boy get to the remote, rural area where his body was found?

There is no clear explanation for how the boy could have gotten to the remote location where his body was found. He did not have a car, and it is unlikely that he would have walked or hitchhiked that far.

4. Why has no one been charged in connection with the boy’s death?

Despite an extensive investigation, no one has ever been charged in connection with the boy’s death.

Jeff Timmers’ son’s death still unsolved

It has been over five years since the death of Jeff Timmer’s son, and the case is still unsolved. Timmer’s son was found dead in his home in May of 2012, and the cause of death is still unknown. Timmer’s family has been fighting for answers ever since, and they refuse to give up hope that someday the truth will be revealed.

The Timmer family has been through a lot in the past five years, but they continue to stand strong. They are determined to find out what happened to Jeff’s son, and they will never give up hope that the case will be solved. The family has set up a website ( to keep the case in the public eye, and they are offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

If you have any information about the death of Jeff Timmer’s son, please contact the Timmer family or the police. With any luck, the case will finally be solved and the Timmer family will finally have the answers they so desperately need.

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